ATEC Building
View of the Aviary cabins at Wavus Camp for girls
CLC YMCA courtyard
The almost tiny house
Dodge Cove Residence
Seal Cove Residence
facade of Lincoln Academy dormitory
Round Pond Cottage
Apple Orchard Cottage

“Design is not making beauty; beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.” – Louis Kahn

Offering the highest level of design service.

44 North Architects is a full-service design firm with a portfolio of residential and commercial projects of all shapes, styles, sizes and scales. Committed to providing the highest level of design service, our aim is to produce a unique structure and spaces that are appropriate to your needs, taste and budget.

Residential projects

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A house should be a special place for family and friends. It should comfort and inspire. When you arrive home you should be greeted by your house in a way that makes you think, this place is for me. Presented here are a few projects to note.

Commercial projects

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A commercial building is a place where people might speak, listen, celebrate, learn, or make a living. A facility that is thoughtfully designed can be appreciated by staff and users alike in a way that promotes affirmation, effectiveness, and progress. Presented here are a few projects to note.

Other work

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The things in the constructed environment, not necessarily buildings, have to be contemplated, planned and designed. Presented here is an assortment design work that Tor Glendinning has had the privilege of being party to.